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From the Publisher,

           Due to the COVID-19 shutdown, only the information on this HOME page is current and up-to-date. All other information contained under the tabs on this site is old data about venues and studios that are currently shut down. 

          This is a difficult time for the dance community in general. Dance is one of the few activities where it is impossible to accomplish social distancing. Not only can’t we do the activity we love, but also the socializing that comes with it. There are some alternatives to in-person dancing and that is live interactive and streaming lessons and demos that are being posted and offered to the dance community.

          Sorry about the infrequent newsletters these days, but there has not been much to report. However, there does appear to be some venues opening up with limitations (masks, social distancing, etc). I have searched and found a few options for you to keep up with your skills……..

          FREE Rueda/Salsa Zoom Online Interactive Classes & Dancing - We currently have FREE online interactive Beginning/Intermediate/Advance rueda/salsa classes. Mondays at 5:30pm is Beginning rueda class. Mondays at 7pm is Intermediate rueda class. Sundays at 7pm is Advance rueda class. Since all classes are underway and building on the previous classes, you will have to have been a previous rueda student or an experienced rueda dancer to join. Feel free to call for more info…..Robert (916) 630-9003. We are only teaching partner rueda patterns, since we can’t change partners while dancing online, which means the patterns you learn can also be used for salsa dancing. Unfortunately, you must have a partner to be able to learn and practice any pattern, so talk to your salsa friends to see if someone wants to join you for this class. If you are by yourself, you are welcome to join and watch, but there won’t be much for you to do. All you need is a computer and internet.

          Live Latin dancing @ Urbanos - Every Saturday (Please verify) is outdoor Latin dancing at Urbanos California Bistro located at 1016 H St in Modesto. Details  Facebook Link

          Live Latin Singing @ DOCO - Sunday, November 8th, 15th & 22nd. Carlos Kandia will be singing live to a variety of Latin music at DOCO located at 405 K St. in Sac. 3pm to 5:30pm. Event is outdoors with social distancing, masks and FREE and has been officially permitted by the city!! Large open areas for dancing. Facebook Link

          Andrew Cervantes @ Online – Mondays in November. Andrew is a world salsa champion and from Sacramento. He will be teaching On 2 footwork on Mondays at 8pm online.  Facebook Link

          Studio Opening @ Del Campo – Monday November 2nd. Del Campo studio is opening for lessons located at 2828 Marconi in Sac. Call to verify any special requirements due to the virus. Facebook Link

          Performance Team Openings @ Del Campo – Saturday, November 7th. Team Celebracion is accepting new dancers for their Intermediate and Advance teams located at 2828 Marconi in Sac. Everyone is welcome to join, but must be at least an Intermediate salsa dancer. All county COVID restriction are strictly enforced. (916) 508-0424  Facebook Link

          Studio Closed @ Yemaya – Yemaya studio is now CLOSED to new students until further notice!!  Facebook Link

          Bachata @ Radio – Monday, October 5th. Launch party for new radio station playing your favorite bachata. Facebook Link

          Bachata Party @ Online - Every Thursday is a bachata party online hosted by DJ Magic Mike starting at 10pm. Details  Facebook Link

          Bachata Party @ Online - Every Tuesday is bachata party online. For details  Facebook Link

          Salsa Cubana @ Online - Fridays from 7pm to 9pm, DJ Nighttrain will be playing your Cuban salsa.  Details  Facebook Link

          Salsa Lessons @ Online - Salsa lessons and dances hosted by Salsamania Dance Co. For Details  Facebook Link

          I wanted to remind everyone that our salsa venues and studios have had to shut their doors and are going through some difficult economic times. I would encourage all dancers to monitor the situation and as soon as you see your favorite venue and/or studio open back up for business, please do what you can to get them back on their feet……..take classes, attend salsa nights, buy drinks/food, etc.

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