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From the Publisher,

          This is a difficult time for the dance community in general. Dance is one of the few activities where it is impossible to accomplish social distancing. Not only can’t we do the activity we love, but also the socializing that comes with it. There are some alternatives to in-person dancing and that is live interactive and streaming lessons and demos that are being posted and offered to the dance community.
I have searched and found a few options for you to keep up with your skills.

Rueda/Salsa Videos @ Facebook - To help out our friends and students, Deisy and I have captured 70+ Rueda calls (vast majority can also be used in partner salsa) on video and posted them on the group “Sacramento Rueda“. They are categorized by type and difficulty. If you are not a member of Sacramento Rueda, just request group membership (no cost involve) and I will approve as soon as I see your request. After you have access to this Facebook group, you can locate these videos by following the instructions below……..

Go to “Sacramento Rueda” (if not a member, request to be a member and I will approve you)
Select “Videos” link on the left side of the main page of Sacramento Rueda.
After the video page is displayed, select “Albums” along the top of the 1st displayed videos.
That will display the video album page.
The 5 rueda video albums currently available (2 more coming) will be identified by a big “?” (I haven’t figured out why they display a “?”), but all are labeled according to their content.
Just click on any album and let the fun begin………
  — OR —-
Go to “Sacramento Rueda” (if not a member, request to be a member and I will approve you)
Look on the right hand side of the main page and you will see under the heading “Popular Topics in Posts” all the rueda video albums listed.
Select any album and let the fun begin

Rueda/Salsa Zoom Interactive Classes - We are currently conducting online interactive Intermediate rueda/salsa (we are only teaching partner rueda patterns which can also be used for salsa partner dancing) classes. We are working out the technical details and in the next week, we should be announcing FREE Beginning, Intermediate and Advance classes. You must have a partner to be able to learn and practice any patterns. If you are by yourself, you are welcome to watch, but there won’t be much for you to do. I am taking requests from anyone wanting to join the Beginning rueda class. Just send me your name and email address to and I will keep you informed of the upcoming class. Your email is how you will receive the Zoom link for any classes. Stay tuned for more info……..

Cha Cha Class @ Online - Cha Cha class every Saturday at 11am. $10 drop in. $30 for month of classes.  Facebook Link

Private lessons @ Yemaya Online - Call Emelie at (916) 402-5967  Facebook Link

Live Band @ Southside Park – Sat/Sun, July 25th & 26th. This Cinco de Mayo celebration has moved to July in hopes that the state will allow large gatherings. Bands include Momotombo (musicians from Santana & Malo), El Gato (Latin music, including some salsa) and a variety of Latin/Mexican folk and cultural bands. A variety of dance performances (Aztec, Samba, Folklorico, etc), food drink, car show, etc. Saturday event is from 4pm to 9pm. Sunday event is from noon to 6pm. Children friendly. FREE event.  Facebook 

          I wanted to remind everyone that our salsa venues and studios have had to shut their doors and are going through some difficult economic times. I would encourage all dancers to monitor the situation and as soon as you see your favorite venue and/or studio open back up for business, please do what you can to get them back on their feet……..take classes, attend salsa nights, buy drinks/food, etc.

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