Rueda Lessons

          Beginning, Intermediate & Advance Rueda Lessons Online – Robert & Deisy are providing FREE Zoom rueda lessons online. Every Monday Beginning at 5:30pm, Intermediate at 7pm and Advance at 8pm. These groups have been together throughout the COVID restriction, so to join any of these groups requires some prior rueda experience. If you are interested in an introductory rueda class or for more info call Robert at (916) 630-9003

          Intermediate Rueda in Nevada City: WARNING: These lessons may be canceled due to COVID restrictions. Lucy is teaching “Cuban Style” rueda through Salsa Sierra. Rueda dancing every Wednesday, beginning @ 7:30 – 8:30pm, advanced from 8 – 9pm at Fletcher’s located at 542 Searls Ave, Nevada City, CA. $10 per class. Check for prices, times and dates for lessons at (530) 477-0767